This Week In Servo 14

(I couldn’t get to writing a post last week due to Mozlandia)

In the last two weeks, we merged 61 pull requests.

Matt and Cameron reached a hundred commits each! Congratulations!

We now have switched over from the deprecated rust-http to Hyper. Now we can continue improvement of our network stack with the amazing API hyper provides.

The amazing Michael Wu has gotten Servo running on a Flame! You can try it out here

###Notable additions

###New contributors

There were some after hours sessions at Mozlandia for getting people involved in Servo, which went rather well!


We had a rather productive work week, with many interesting discussions being held. A couple of topics that were discussed with other teams:

  • We plan on getting some Rust code in Gecko (probably a small library). We had a discussion with the build peers on what constraints are on the component to get it integrated with the build system. A couple of things Rust needs:
    • Ability to be debugged on windows
    • (Eventually) distro packaging
    • (Eventually) artifact caching
    • We need to support targeting a bunch of platforms, including XP
  • Boot to Servo! We hope to be able to run the Firefox OS home screen in Servo (and beyond). Prerequisites and other issues were discussed in the meeting.
  • We had a meeting with the Spidermonkey team where upgrade blockers, threading, sharing a heap/GC were discussed, among other things.
  • We also had discussions with the automation team on web-platform-tests integration and performance/power/mobile testing. Speed, reftests, better tooling, performance testing, device testing, and layout performance were discussed. Hopefully we might have integration with treeherder in the future.
  • GFX was discussed as well

In this week’s meeting (minutes), we discussed Rust in Gecko, Spidermonkey/Azure upgrades, dogfooding, and reviews.