This Week In Servo 33

In the past two weeks, we merged 73 pull requests.

We have a new member on our team. Please welcome Emily Dunham! Emily will be the DevOps engineer for both Servo and Rust. She has a post about her ideas regarding open infrastructure which is worth reading.

Josh discussed Servo and Rust at a programming talk show hosted by Alexander Putilin.

We have an impending upgrade of the SpiderMonkey Javascript engine by Michael Wu. This moves us from a very old spidermonkey to a recent-ish one. Naturally, the team is quite excited about the prospect of getting rid of all the old bugs and getting shiny new ones in their place.

###Notable additions

###New contributors


Hebrew Wikipedia in servo-shell

This shows off the CSS direction property. RTL text still needs some work



  • We discussed forking or committing to maintaining the extensions we need in glutin. Glutin is trying to stay focused and “not become a toolkit”, but there are some changes we need in it for embedding. Currently we have some changes on our fork; but we’d prefer to not use tweaked forks for community-maintained dependencies and were exploring the possibilities.
  • Mike is back and working on more embedding!
  • There was some planning for the Rust-in-Gecko sessions at Whistler
  • RTL is coming!