This Week In Servo 43

In the last two weeks, we landed 165 PRs in the Servo organization’s repositories.

The huge news from the last two weeks is that after some really serious efforts from across the team and community to handle the libc changes required, we’ve upgraded Rust compiler versions! This change is more exciting than usual because it switches us from our custom Rust compiler and onto the nightlies produced by the Rust team. The following upgrade was really quick!

Now that we have separate support for making try builds, we have added dzbarsky, ecoal95, KiChjang, ajeffrey, and waffles. Please nominate your local friendly contributor today!

###Notable additions

  • notriddle made GitHub look better
  • ms2ger ran rustfmt and began cleaning up our code
  • bholley landed type system magic for the layout wrapper
  • frewsxcv implemented a compile time url parsing macro
  • dzbarsky implemented currentColor for Canvas
  • pcwalton improved ipc error reporting
  • simonsapin removed string-cache’s plugin usage
  • mbrubeck fixed hit testing for iframe content
  • jgraham and crzytrickster did lots of webdriver work
  • evilpie implemented the document.domain getter
  • waffles improved the feedback when trying to open a missing file
  • mfeckie added “last modified” information to our “good first PR” aggregator, Servo Starters
  • frewsxcv landed compile-time URL parsing
  • kichjang provided MIME types for file:// URLs
  • pcwalton split the engine into multiple sandboxed processes

###New Contributors


Screencast of this post being submitted to Hacker News:



At the meeting two weeks ago we discussed intermittent test failures, using a mailing lists vs. discourse, the libcpocalypse, and our E-Easy issues. There was no meeting last week.