These Weeks In Servo 44

In the last three weeks, we landed 200 PRs in the Servo organization’s repositories.

In a particularly epic display of tenacity, imperio landed a change that he stuck with despite the spec changing out from underneath him while mid-implementation! Nice work, Guillaume.

There were two major Servo-related blog posts in the past weeks. One is by Mike Blumenkrantz (zmike) covering his Wayland port of Servo. The second is by Patrick Walton (pcwalton) discussing his implementation of CSS Box Shadows in our prototype painting engine, WebRender.

###Notable Additions

  • mbrubeck added the ability for mach run on Android to browse to a URL properly
  • mwu implemented a CustomAutoRooter in the JS bindings
  • aneeshusa continued to make our Salt configs so much better
  • mbrubeck added pinch-zoom for touch devices
  • ms2ger reduced the amount of rooting we do during parsing
  • SimonSapin continued the quest to get all of our dependencies served off of
  • paulrouget added support for freezing old iframes after navigation

###New Contributors


None this week.


At the meeting three weeks ago, we discussed planning topics for Mozlando, the NCSU projects, and crate squatting issues.

Mozlando was a big success! In addition to the big reveal that we’re planning to ship at least one Servo component written in Rust in Firefox in 2016, we had a bunch of great meetings. They covered oxidation (Rust in Gecko stuff), SpiderMonkey integration with Servo, devtools in Servo, string representations, and a deep dive on the proposed magic DOM work.

It was a great week!