This Week In Servo 46

In the last week, we landed 61 PRs in the Servo organization’s repositories. Given the New Year, the number of people out on vacation, and the repeated Linode DDOS events, it’s amazing that so many things landed! Great work, all.

This week, edunham moved us onto our own EC2 account for our CI, which will bring us both more reliability (our automation was “fighting” for instances with another team’s) and allowed us to remove some of most expensive fallback instances.

###Notable Additions

  • Simon renamed the rust-snapshot-hash file to rust-nightly-date
  • larsberg fixed the long-broken TWiS RSS feed
  • ckimes added an input event for HTMLInputElement
  • jdm made button elements activateable, fixing reddit and github 2fa issues
  • bholley split the layout wrappers up more, in support of the Stylo work

###New Contributors


None this week.


All were cancelled again, due to the New Year holiday.