These Weeks In Servo 48

In the last two weeks, we landed 130 PRs in the Servo organization’s repositories.

After months of work by vlad and many others, Windows support landed! Thanks to everyone who contributed fixes, tests, reviews, and even encouragement (or impatience!) to help us make this happen.

Notable Additions

  • nikki added tests and support for checking the Fetch redirect count
  • glennw implemented horizontal scrolling with arrow keys
  • simon created a script that parses all of the CSS properties parsed by Servo
  • ms2ger removed the legacy reftest framework
  • fernando made crowbot able to rejoin IRC after it accidentally floods the channel
  • jack added testing the geckolib target to our CI
  • antrik fixed transfer corruption in ipc-channel on 32-bit
  • valentin added and simon extended IDNA support in rust-url, which is required for both web and Gecko compatibility

New Contributors


Screencast of this post being upvoted on reddit… from Windows!



We had a meeting on some CI-related woes, documenting tags and mentoring, and dependencies for the style subsystem.