This Week In Servo 49

In the last week, we landed 87 PRs in the Servo organization’s repositories.

Mátyás Mustoha has been doing awesome work bringing fixes and stability to our cross-compilation to both AArch64 and ARM 32-bit. He has a nightly build that runs here, which we hope to integrate into our own CI systems. Thanks for your great work improving the experience targeting those platforms!

Notable Additions

  • pcwalton removed some potential deadlock situations in ipc-channel
  • ms2ger moved gaol (our sandboxing library) to the Servo organization and enabled CI support for it
  • manish upgraded homu to pick up a bunch of new updates, including UI cleanups!
  • nox upgraded our Rust build to January 31st
  • mmatyas added AArch64 support to gaol, and generally cleaned it up in other repos, too
  • larsberg added some instructions on how to build and run Servo on Windows
  • simon landed CSS Multicolumn support with block fragmentation

New Contributors


No screenshot this week.


We had a meeting on changing our weekly meeting time, our build time trend, potential student projects, and the Windows support.