This Week In Servo 50

In the last week, we landed 113 PRs in the Servo organization’s repositories.

Alan Jeffrey has been made a reviewer! We look forward to his help with the huge PR backlog :-)

Notable Additions

  • larsberg moved our Linux builds onto reserved EC2 instances. Same cost, way more availability!
  • nox removed the in-tree version of HeapSizeOf
  • kichjang disabled some of our worst intermittents while we investigate the cause
  • manish made WebSockets work in a worker scope
  • aneeshusa fixed our Mac builder provisioning code around the multiple versions of autoconf required by our dependencies
  • bholley continued his work to refactor the Servo style system code for easier uplifting into Gecko
  • ajeffrey released v0.1.0 of the parsell parser combinator library

New Contributors


No screenshot this week.


We had a meeting on final updates to our changed meeting times, the status of the stylo work, and the incoming WebRender PR to master.