This Week In Servo 51

In the last week, we landed 65 PRs in the Servo organization’s repositories.

Notable Additions

  • mbrubeck created rr --chaos support for helping track down our intermittent test failures!
  • danlrobertson added support for only pulling down the Rust stdlib needed for each --target passed
  • jayflux cleaned up some platform-specific uname issues in our mach build driver scripts
  • aneeshusa updated OpenSSL on our mac CI builders, and made a ton of other awesome fixes to our Salt scripts, as always!
  • jdm enabled lazy compilation of JS event handlers.
  • michaelwu made it possible to move Handles while tracing.
  • Ms2ger fixed a common assertion when using the SpiderMonkey API in Servo.
  • notriddle corrected a race in graphics code on OS X.
  • nikkisquared improved the test coverage for the in-progress Fetch implementation.
  • jdm made in-progress iframes block the load event of the enclosing document.

New Contributors


No screenshot this week.


We had a meeting on some CI updates, the upgrade to SM to get promises, and our intermittent test failure situation.