This Week In Servo 52

In the last week, we landed 72 PRs in the Servo organization’s repositories.

The biggest news from last week is that WebRender landed in Servo master! It is behind a flag right now (-w) and still has some bugs, but the move to shift more of Servo into the GPU in the pursuit of 60 fps CSS animations continues! This was great work over many months by glennw and pcwalton. The first talk at the most recent Rust meetup covered this, and there are additional details on the WebRender wiki.

Paul Rouget also made it possible to install Servo on OSX via Homebrew! Just do brew install --HEAD servo/servo/servo and wait 30 minutes for it to compile! Nightly builds coming soon…

Notable Additions

  • jdm and ms2ger improved Document’s browsing contexts
  • paul fixed a bug with WebRender sending mouse events twice
  • tycheon fixed our CORS preflight logic
  • rebstar added support for cookies in websocket requests
  • imperio made interface objects share the same hasInstance
  • nikki implemented the HTTP Redirect Fetch algorithm
  • zakorgy fixed an issue with union types in our generated DOM bindings
  • benschulz refactored the timer code so it’s closer to the specification logic
  • danlroberts implemented blob responses for XMLHttpRequest

New Contributors


Attila Dusnoki (dati on IRC) from the University of Szeged has made great progress in getting Servo on embedded ARM Linux to connect up over Bluetooth (via Rust to dbus) with a Google Chromebook. IoT, here we come!


The meeting was canceled last week, due to US and Canadian Holidays.