This Week In Servo 53

In the last week, we landed 115 PRs in the Servo organization’s repositories.

Josh Matthews truly delivered for Servo this week! He went through all of our stale PRs, rebased, reviewed, or closed them, and took us from around 70 open PRs down to around 45! Great work, Josh. He also wrote a new tool to ensure that any reviewer who is sitting on reviews is suitably encouraged to not do that.

We’re very excited to announce that two long-time Servo community members and reviewers will be joining the Servo team full time! Anthony Ramine (nox) will be starting on March 14th, working out of the Paris office (alongside Simon Sapin). Manish Goregaokar (manishearth) will be starting officially on May 23rd, and will relocate to the SF office alongside Patrick Walton in September.

There is still one position open, which we are continuing to actively interview for.

Notable Additions

  • Aneeshusa continued to automate our the setup of our new machines. It’s become amazingly bulletproof and automatic!
  • Prashant Gupta added EGL support to rust-layers, which is a crucial part of getting WebRender working on Android.
  • frewsxcv implemented TravisCI support for WebRender, which now officially lives in the Servo GH organization.
  • nox upgraded us to a Rust from February 22nd.
  • wafflespeanut optimized our tidy runs and added progress reporting.
  • edunham added scripts to auto-purge buildbot logs, which will prevent the all-too-frequent out of disk space CI fires.
  • eefriedman significantly improved specification compliance when laying out images with width and height attributes.
  • benschulz exposed correct layout information about page elements to the Firefox devtools.
  • jongiddy corrected several subtle issues in the MIME sniffing implementation.
  • antrik fixed a deadlock in ipc-channel’s Linux implementation.

New Contributors


Attila Dusnoki (dati on IRC) from the University of Szeged has made even more progress with Servo and WebBluetooth! Now, it can read battery levels.


At last week’s meeting, we announced two new hires, talked about Webrender, went over the new list of everything left in Servo, and covered the tracking issue on Rust-in-Gecko.