This Week In Servo 54

In the last week, we landed 96 PRs in the Servo organization’s repositories.

As we announced, Servo is participating in two Summer of Code internship projects. Please reach out to potential interns and let them know!

Notable Additions

  • UK992 and larsberg got Windows Servo builds working inside of AppVeyor and enabled it
  • Manish landed some changes that turned on AppVeyor builds in our CI
  • glenn made a big fix to animation smoothness when using requestAnimationFrame
  • mbrubeck fixed some issues with border collapse and tables
  • mrobinson made a huge change to flatten our display list structure!
  • SimonSapin hid the overflowing text on text input boxes.
  • pcwalton added overscroll bounce animations on Mac.
  • kaksmet removed the last use of stb-image in favour of Piston’s image library.
  • nikkisquared rewrote a bunch of Fetch code to support asynchronous fetches.
  • ecoal95 improved the performance of mouseover and hover interactions.

New Contributors


Jake Archibald from the Google Developer Relations team put together an awesome video of WebRender in Servo, comparing it with the other modern browser engines on OSX.


Last week’s meeting was cancelled due to the Browser.html workweek in Portland. Additional details will be in next week’s meeting notes.