This Week In Servo 58

In the last week, we landed 117 PRs in the Servo organization’s repositories.

Thanks to work by edunham, you can now reach via Tor, despite our move to CloudFlare DNS.

Notable Additions

  • notriddle removed the old headless compositor build for a much cleaner commandline switch
  • larsberg separated try builds from normal ones to reduce the infra failure rate
  • autrilla implemented Uniform4iv and Uniform4i for improved WebGL support
  • bholley implemented code that allows Servo’s style system to work with Gecko’s style structs
  • mbrubeck fixed incremental reflow of text selection changes
  • pcwalton simplified complex clipping regions during construction
  • ajeffrey hardened the Constellation further
  • matthewbentley made prefs load from the profile-dir, if provided
  • mbrubeck corrected some byte/character confusion in text editing code
  • dlr improved inline size computations for flexbox layouts
  • creativcoder added support for reading data URLs in the Fetch algorithm
  • eddyb ensured that <base> URLs are taken into account in more situations
  • bobthekingofegypt fixed a very common intermittent failure in the automated websocket tests
  • connorgbrewster implemented several WebGL APIs

New Contributors

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None this week.


Last week, we skipped the meeting, due to lack of agenda items.