This Week In Servo 62

In the last week, we landed 133 PRs in the Servo organization’s repositories.

Planning and Status

Our overall roadmap and quarterly goals are available online.

This week’s status updates are here.

Notable Additions

  • ms2ger added support for using Gecko’s string atoms in rust-selectors, which is a major performance issue for reusing Servo’s style system in Firefox
  • autrilla changed our build driver script, mach, to display more information when there is a virtualenv or python failure
  • larsberg increased the number of parallel processes in use on our Mac builders which, in conjunction with some other system tuning, reduces the OSX builder times to around 30 minutes
  • mbrubeck fixed a case where layout could cause more nodes to be laid out than were necessary
  • glennw switched the Android build to officially use OpenGL ES3 now that the corresponding WebRender support landed
  • heycam added support for text-transform in geckolib
  • mmatyas upgraded Cargo, to pick up much better support for per-target build configurations
  • dati updated the WebBluetooth implementation significantly to pick up spec changes
  • jdm implemented basic <media> infrastructure
  • aneeshusa made the Vagrant support for testing our CI builders more full-featured
  • connorgbrewster corrected some mistakes that prevented logging into sites like Twitter and Github
  • pcwalton rewrote significant parts of float-related layout to be more correct
  • nox upgraded SpiderMonkey to use version 48
  • jdm implemented support for controlling the visibility of content-exposed APIs components via preferences

New Contributors

Get Involved

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Screenshot of Firefox browsing wikipedia using Servo’s Stylo style system implementation: (screenshot)

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