This Week In Servo 64

In the last week, we landed 99 PRs in the Servo organization’s repositories.

This is a week of many additions to the Servo team - a Research Assistant and two full-time hires!

Kyle Headley is joining us from U. Colorado at Boulder, where he is working with Matthew Hammer on incremental computation. He’s going to be working as a Research Assistant this summer, helping us find ways we can use incremental computation to improve the performance of Servo. He’s kheadley on IRC.

Manish Goregaokar is a long-time Servo contributor, initially participating in the first round of Google Summer of Code with Servo. He has mostly worked on DOM-related issues and Rust itself, but is looking forward to working on new things. He is currently working remotely from Mumbai, but will be relocating to the San Francisco office later this year. He is manishearth on IRC.

Diane Hosfelt previously did network and protocol analysis for the Department of Defense, and will start out working on Servo’s networking (an area sorely in need of some expert work!). Diane is working remotely from the UK. She is dd0x68 on IRC.

Welcome to the team, everybody!

Planning and Status

Our overall roadmap and quarterly goals are available online.

This week’s status updates are here.

Notable Additions

  • Manish added support for submit button data in form submissions
  • Jack made Servo DPI-aware on Windows
  • nox hoisted out a channel creation to reduce the number of channels and threads Servo creates
  • larsberg enabled AppVeyor/Windows testing on ipc-channel
  • dati implemented Included Services support for WebBluetooth
  • ajeffrey reduced the number of threads used in our scheduler
  • rzambre changed the profiler file output from CSV to TSV format
  • emilio added support for constants in classes in geckolib
  • ms2ger implemented reporting of panics in web worker threads
  • bholley added basic support for Gecko atoms
  • mbrubeck optimized text shaping for ASCII text
  • KiChjang implemented support for -moz-user-* CSS longhands in geckolib
  • jdm created markers for network and JS-related events in the timeline profiler
  • izgzhen filled in many missing pieces related to file inputs in forms
  • fduraffourg ported a large set of HTML/JS tests for cookie handling to Rust unit tests
  • wafflespeanut improved the usability of the highfive automated tests
  • creativcoder enabled intercepting network requests and synthesizing responses

New Contributors

Get Involved

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