These Weeks In Servo 83

In the last two weeks, we landed 276 PRs in the Servo organization’s repositories.

Planning and Status

Our overall roadmap is available online and now includes the Q4 plans and tentative outline of some ideas for 2017. Please check it out and provide feedback!

This week’s status updates are here.

Notable Additions

  • UK992 significantly cleaned up the Windows installer
  • canaltinova implemented the border-image shorthand
  • 3442853561 added a zh-CN translation for the homepage
  • fitzgen added support in rust-bindgen for bindings to overloaded functions
  • bholley separated selector matching from property cascading when performing style calculation
  • manishearth added support for transform in Stylo
  • wafflespeanut made it possible to run custom project-specific lints in tidy
  • mrobinson flattened the WebRender display list API
  • changm fixed copy_pixels in WebRender to properly use the texture stride information
  • vvuk added support for DirectWrite font rendering on Windows
  • ms2ger rewrote some of the http unit tests to use the fetch network stack instead
  • glennw fixed text-shadow in WebRender and cleaned up the texture cache usage
  • stshine added support for marking flex items properly with the direction of their flex container
  • manishearth added support for logical (depend on the writing mode) properties in style
  • nox turned CSS flexbox support on by default
  • ejpbruel replaced use of rust-websocket with ws-rs in the debugger server
  • iamrohit7 added the scroll-snap-type shorthand CSS property
  • rnestler added support for non-follow redirect modes to the JS Fetch API
  • KyleMayes reworked the CI for rust-bindgen
  • ms2ger removed the azure dependencies from gfx, layout, and layout_thread
  • mrnayak implemented support for more recent strict referrer policies
  • glennw added some more keybindings, including Ctrl-F12 for WebRender profiling
  • jdm fixed Servo’s DependencyCI usage so that we now have much better tracking of licenses of new projects
  • mrobinson added support for non-stacking-context scrolling areas to WebRender
  • nox removed the final usage of custom derive plugins in Servo
  • upsuper added support for for Stylo
  • glennw made WebRender use glyph metrics instead of rasterizing the glyphs to get bounding boxes
  • kvark moved glennw’s WebRender sample code into the main repository
  • jrmuizel added functions for controlling subpixel positioning on macOS
  • larsbergstrom updated the Servo build machines to the new way to use the Android NDK
  • asajeffrey ensured that iframes that can’t navigate do not navigate
  • shinglyu made performance tests use headless rendering
  • cynicaldevl implemented string-valued text overflow
  • shinglyu fixed the layout viewer
  • dati91 made all WebBluetooth algorithms execute asynchronously
  • KiChjang finished the implementation of EventSource
  • zakorgy added tons of automated tests for the previously-untested WebBluetooth API
  • metajack implemented the matchMedia and MediaQueryList APIs
  • asajeffrey switched iframe lookup to be by FrameId instead of using the less-reliable PipelineId
  • emilio implemented a rule tree for the style system
  • coder206 rewrote the register API for ServiceWorkerContainer to use promises
  • fitzgen added support for generating Rust bindings to overloaded C++ functions
  • glennw improved the visual quality of blurred text
  • anholt removed the ability to do out-of-bounds reads from some WebGL APIs
  • MortimerGoro added support for resizing WebGL canvases
  • nox integrated pausing into all layers of the HTML5 parser
  • Permutatrix fixed some layout issues with inline-block splits
  • ajeffrey removed the assumption that script threads have a single root document
  • Ms2ger converted the remaining users of the legacy network stack to use the new Fetch stack instead
  • cynicaldevil implemented the readAsArrayBuffer API for FileReader
  • emilio switched the parallel layout implementation to use Rayon

New Contributors

Interested in helping build a web browser? Take a look at our curated list of issues that are good for new contributors!


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