This Week In Servo 117

In the past week, we merged 49 PRs in the Servo organization’s repositories.

Planning and Status

Our roadmap is available online, including the overall plans for 2018.

This week’s status updates are here.

Exciting Work in Progress

Notable Additions

  • cybai implemented the unhandledrejection event for unhandled Promise rejections.
  • pyfisch made the display list building code easier to understand.
  • ferjm added seeking support to the media implementation.
  • ajeffrey ported Servo to the Magic Leap headset.
  • cybai fixed a crash that could occur when closing Servo.
  • ferjm made the Android application open external URLs correctly.
  • pyfisch improved the efficiency of building display lists.

New Contributors

Interested in helping build a web browser? Take a look at our curated list of issues that are good for new contributors!